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INSPIRED Community = 188 € per Month

⫸ RESET your Frequency and STAY GUIDED/ INSPIRED
⫸ Accelerate your TRANSITION into SUPER SUCCESS
⫸ Program the finest Positivity into your BODY
⫸ Connect to our MAGNETIC FIELD

FEEL enormously IN the SPIRIT ⫸ “INSPIRED”
Rise your WAVE in UNITY with us


“I came to Celeste with many mental and financial difficulties. I tried psychodynamic therapy before, and it did not solve my condition. While Celeste gave me tools that work.
My anxieties are now completely gone. I can now live, the life I choose…”

“One of the best gifts I could give myself was to get into the program with Celeste. She is more than a coach, she is involved personally and ensures you achieve your goals. I’ve been in other programs before but haven’t gotten the same results. Now I stick to her because she is outstanding.”


Is this YOU?

  • You are a successful Leader with a powerful mission.

  • You feel that your Mission is big, is unstoppable and you want to serve the world via your products, services, talents, and capabilities.

  • You have always been a top performer, special (genius), and outstanding.

  • You love success, and you have always had amazing results.

  • You are a risk-taker and ready to act and JUMP into YOUR IMPULSES

  • You are deep, and intense, even if you currently feel a lack of motivation.

  • You have this huge potential inside, WANT TO express and RELEASE it

  • You are ready to do the work to open your full potential.

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elite programs

Inspired "Subconscious" Program is for visionary entrepreneurs who feel they have an important mission.


The pack

⫸ For Powerful Visionary Leaders ⫸ As a LEADER in your company or just a CEO of your own LIFE – you are getting access to fine techniques to master and reprogram your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, mental blocks, and remove Upper Limits ⫸ 10 weeks of Elite coaching!! ⫸ 2 book study (+ audio bonuses) ⫸ Certificate ⫸ More...

Individual Family Constellation session

INCLUDES: 30' Session where we address 1 issue (it can be money, career, success, health, relations)

Benefits: Resolving emotional and relational issues by exploring the dynamics within one's family system. YOUR results in life Mirror the hidden patterns related to your original family system. Any unbalance on that level creates burdens, that you carry and must mirror and manifest in your everyday life.⫸ Get at peace with your PARENTS and Family and heal and remove patterns and burdens that do not belong to you.

Live YOUR BIGGEST DREAMS in all the DIMENSIONS you desire… Wave ENERGY... it is MEGA MEGA MEGA

Slide Your Mental Faculties

Read what my clients have to say

“For me, it is great luck and happiness that I found such a person to help me become what I should have become, and I have also found in Celeste a sister. I have long been looking for a coach who will lead me by the hand and be in touch 24/7, who is interested not only in finances but also in helping people from all her heart…”


“Celeste, thank you sincerely for all that you give. You are like the Universe full of Goodness and Joy! You give very useful knowledge with LOVE and guide your students with attention and understanding!!!😘thank you! All the best and abundance to you in your personal life!”